Authentic border stamping and sewn in toe plugs. Standard models will fit most black powder revolvers and SAA Reproductions. Schofield models available. State type of weapon and barrel length. Made to fit,and Colts. Also Remington Stamping patterns will vary. Sewn in toe plug and border stamping standard. Left or right hand, straight or cross draw. Holster model available for most period replica revolvers. Left or Right Hand.

Straight or cross draw. State weapon type and barrel length. Sewn in toe plug. Specify gun type. Other patterns to follow! Cartridge Belts with Border Embossing After much searching, we have finally acquired an original leather embosser with original embossing patterns.

Many of the old time saddle shops had embossers to decorate saddles, saddlebags, holsters, and belts. We now offer border embossed cartridge belts with period patterns. The numbers next to the patterns are the same numbers from the original tool catalog.

Canvas Prairie Belt. Handmade in my shop, not imported! Natural white canvas. Black or Russet leather ends. Can be marked "Rock Island Arsenal". Please state waist size.

If you prefer center bar connection, please let me know. Double Loop Holsters Several styles and options available. Slim Jim Holster This style features double trigger guard cut out front and back. Slim Jim Holster Contour fit with sewn in toe plug. Contoured fit with sewn in toe plug. Authentic border stamping available.Fall Creek Suttlery P. Box 92 Whitestown, In fax. Fitting Your Revolver to Your holster. Our standard military holster is almost an exact copy of two holsters that have been in our collection.

The difference is that the originals were made of relatively thin leather compared to what we use. When folks are actually buying their gear instead of having it "issued", they would like to have more durable equipment. When new, our military holsters are fairly stiff and need to have your revolver to "adjust" them This holster is made for the standard large frame Colt Army and Remington New Army models All smaller frame revolvers such as the Colt navy will also fit.

The holster will appear fairly narrow at first, but will readily accomodate your revolver with some initial help. Remember, these are not cheap foreign made holsters and will last for years Insert the barrel of your revolver into the holster and apply whatever pressure is necessary to get the barrel down into the socket. Sometimes it requires placing the end of the holster on a solid surface, and pushing down with the revolver until it seats itself.

Once your revolver is seated "home" leave it there for a day or so to allow the leather to relax around your revolver for a "custom fit". The results will be undesireable. The more times that you use the holster with your revolver, the better the fit, just like a good shoe breaking in. Once broken in, you can apply saddle soap or other leather dressing never Mink Oil to keep the leather supple. Click the "BACK" button on your browser to return to your previous page.

CW Carbines - Sharps,etc. Gift Certificates. Order Our Catalog. Shopping Cart. Click here to view your shopping cart. Click below to browse our Website:. Fall Creek Economical Uniforms. Contact Us. Click here to view your shopping cart Click below to browse our Website:. Cartridge Rifles -Henry. Uniforms - QM Shop. Drums and Accessories.New layer Email Address: Password: Remember Me. Create an account Forgot Password? Item Number: TK Manufacturer: Triple K Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer UPC Code: Add to a new shopping list.

Email this page to a friend. Made of top grain cowhide natural tanned. Features durable tear resistant stitching. Snap flap revolver retainer for security. Easy open snaps make easy removal from your belt. Please click on the "More Info" button for additional information and to read the Caution Statement provided by the manufacturer.

Revolver Round Balls.

Colt 1847 Walker — 9.0″ Holsters

Precision Swagged Comes to a box. Manufactured by Hornady to Traditions high standards. Howell Conversions - Remington Pietta. For more information and to see quantity in stock, click the "More Info" button. This "Gated" conversion cylinders will convert your Remington Pietta to. Please click on the "Full Description" button for additional information and to read the Caution Statement provided by the manufacturer.

Traditions Remington New Army. Steel Frame, 12" Oct. The Remington Buffalo. Barrel is one of the strongest, most accurate, and most sought after black powder revolvers.

See " More Info" for details. Triple K. Convenient reloads for cowboy action shooting. Holds 20 rounds for quick reloads. Great alternative for black powder conversion shooters.

See "More Info".

colt walker saddle holster

Custom fit for black powder Bison and Buffalo revolvers. Snap for revolver retainer and easy removal from your belt. See "More Info" for details. Snap Caps. Plastic casing, 6 per pack. This conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your Remington Pietta.

This fluted stainless steel conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your Remington. Large saddlebags made from rustic, oil tanned, waxy pull-up leather. Flap has one strap with a center bar buckle for easily securing your gear inside the bags. Center section is reinforced with a stitched overlay.Now the Lord is the Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Soli Deo Gloria. Pricing click here. To Order, E-mail levergun levergunleather. Custom Holsters and Belts. Bandoleers and holsters. Seat Belt holster. Concealed Carry Pouch. Single Holsters. Shoulder Holsters. Cartridge Belts. Holsters for hunting. Pommel Holsters. Holster rigs for Cowboy action or.

Decker Distressed and Dark Brown Stained. Black Dyed. Tan Stained. Natural Oiled. Oxblood Med. Brown Stained Dark brown Dyed Med. Brown Dyed. Border 13a. Border 13b. Border Thompson contender and G2 contender.

Rugar Redhawk, Super Redhawk and Blackhawk. Colt Walker and Dragoon.

Flap holsters. Springfield Dessert Eagle. Everything I do is custom made to order and fit and I have nothing in stock. Everything seen on the site is something I have made for someone else.

You can choose me to do something like on the site or you can come up with something of your own, it is all up to you. How to order click here. Levergun Leather Works. PO Box Athol, ID.The guy is off on his history. The Indians had never before faced such firepower at close range and had their asses handed to them by a much smaller force. Subsequent to that, Hays sent Walker to meet and work with Colt on the improvements of the revolver.

colt walker saddle holster

This all occurred when Texas was still a sovereign nation. When I was a kid, all of us knew the above story. I have owned and shot two replicas. They weigh about 4 pounds and it was the most powerful handgun you could own until the magnum was introduced in They are fun to shoot but are really meant to be carried in a holster hanging on a horse saddle. At first the Rangers frequently carried them on saddle mounted holsters. It worked at first as the Comanche had been accustomed to the Rangers dismounting, forting up and using their single shot rifles when engaged.

Hays developed the tactic of surprise-charging into the enemy and engaging from horseback at close range. The Rangers practiced reloading the weapons while in the saddle, too. I had a replica for awhile. Recoil, though noticeable is not too bad as the weapon is sooooo heavy. Only or so still exist? Very collectable. I have a Italian 44 Dragoon. Amazingly accurate.

Remington Model Army 1858 - A Review And Slight History - Black Powder Revolver

A fully documented Texas Ranger Walker was auctioned last year at an auction I attended. Your email address will not be published. This site contains images obtained from the internet under the Fair Use Act. If you are the owner of an image seen here and object to its use on this site, please contact me at k59lane yahoo.

colt walker saddle holster

Knuckledraggin My Life Away. Skip to content. This entry was posted in GunsVideos.Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! Outside of the U. Product prices and availability subject to change without notice. Site by One Dog Media. HL Colt Walker Holster. Availability: In Stock. Log In for Wishlist. Muzzle end is sewn round. Heavy thick cowhide of best quality — black only. Our holsters are made with high quality stitching, with bras that will not scratch the gun inside the holster.

The Colt Walker

Holsters will fit the BL waist belt that Dixie stocks. This is a heavy duty holster that will last for a long long time. I bought it primarily because it is left handed. Do you know how hard it is to find left handed holsters? I know it is supposed to be worn on the right.

Don't holster makers realize there are many left handed shooters? Thanks Dixie for meeting my needs.

HL1301 Colt Walker Holster

Rugged manufacture and high quality - especially for the money. Very good fit for the Walker revolver Happy with my holster. Had it in just a couple of days. Thanks Dixie. Dave Hester. This is a great holster. It is made of a very good leather and it fits the Walker like a glove. Added to that how very fast Dixie was in getting it to me.The Colt Walkersometimes known as the Walker Coltis a single-action revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six charges of black powder behind six bullets typically.

The Colt Walker was the largest black powder repeating handgun ever made at that time, but contrary to popular belief in the United States, it was not the most powerful, as some Austrian and British revolvers of the s based on the Adams-Beaumont design were even more powerful because of their large calibers.

Walker wanted a handgun that was extremely powerful at close range. Samuel Walker carried two of his namesake revolvers in the Mexican—American War. Only 1, of these guns were originally made, 1, as part of a military contract and an additional for the civilian market, making original Colt Walker revolvers extremely rare and expensive to acquire. This makes this the most expensive single firearm ever sold at auction.

He approached Colt, requesting a large revolver to replace the single-shot Model Percussion Pistols then in use. The desired. Medical officer John "Rip" Ford took a special interest in the Walkers when they arrived at Veracruz. He obtained two examples for himself and is the primary source for information about their performance during the war and afterward. His observation that the revolver would carry as far and strike with the same or greater force than the. The Walker, unlike most succeeding martial pistols and revolvers, was a practical weapon out to about yards.

The Colt Walker holds a powder charge of 60 grains 3. The initial contract called for 1, of the revolvers and accoutrements. Colt commissioned Eli Whitney Junior to fill the contract and produced an extra revolvers for private sales and promotional gifts.

Colt commissioned New York engraver Waterman Ormsby to etch a scene on the cylinder that was based on Walker's description of the battle. In addition to its large size and weight, problems with the Walker included ruptured cylinders after firing.

This has been attributed to primitive metallurgy, soldiers allowing powder to spill across the mouths of the chambers, and even loading the original conical bullets backwards into the chambers. Under of the original 1, were returned for repair due to a ruptured cylinder. Lard was loaded into the mouths of the cylinders on top of each bullet after loading to prevent the spark from igniting all chambers at once, a practice which continues to this day among black-powder revolver shooters, and although each chamber held 60 grains of powder, Colt recommended no more than 50 grains in each.

The Walker had an inadequate loading lever catch that often allowed the loading lever to drop during recoil, preventing fast follow-up shots.

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