A Less Expendable Husband — one act comedy for three women. Beside the Kitchen Table — the ghost of a murdered girl seeking her murderer haunts a local family. Burn — Psychological Thriller Script about an unsolved murder and a story to tell…. Clown Car — a whodunit comedy. With clowns. Crooked Hand — funny film noir script. Crooked Hand: Game of Cups. Comical whodunit!

Crossword — British award winning play about murder. Dirt nap — Two-Act Comedy about the mob Or…what happens when you start digging them up.

Guilty Party — whodunit three act farce. How we saved our homeroom teacher — whodunit for kids! Jake Revolver — Freelance Secret Agent — a comedy whodunit. Killers with Benefits — funny crime script. Leonardo — a murder mystery set around Leonardo Da Vinci.

Luke Warm — a bizarre superhero beats villain comedy. Mascot Masquerade — whodunit costume comedy play. Murder and other fun things — off the wall whodunit.

Murder in the Asylum — absurd whodunit script. Nothing to die for — dark comedy drama about affairs, murder and revenge. Questions — ten minute murderous drama for three actresses. Repertory Theatre — hilarious two-act comedy about trying to get a play staged and who killed my dad rolled into one.

Requiem for Murder — play about the perfect murder. The Mysterious death of Christine Wilde — young actress with promising career suddenly dies.Murder Mysteries. These Murder Mysteries are all designed to have some element of audience interaction - the audience has to work out whodunnit.

Whilst some of them are structured as plays where actors perform a scriptthere is always additional audience involvement. If you are looking for a conventional whodunnit play with no audience involvement other than the pleasure of watching then please look here. The Perfect Murder There are lots of ways of structuring a murder mystery.

short mystery scripts

Each time we think we've seen them all, an author pops up with another variation. Here, we have tried to break the mysteries down into categories, to help you browse for the sort of mystery you are looking for.

If you have more specific requirements, such as a specific number of characters, the Murder Mystery Search Engine may help. There are lots of overlaps between the categories, so don't be surprised if you find the same mystery in two places. Note that these are listed by popularity, so the scripts are a mix of the categories below.

Scripted Murder Mysteries With interrogation by the audience. Generally, the actors play one or more scripted scenes, ending in a murder. The audience members interrogate the cast members in some way. The audience members try to work-out whodunnit. Scripted Murder Mysteries Without audience interrogation. Partially-Scripted Murder Mysteries The actors perform partly from a script and partly by improvising from character briefs and other information.

Fully-improvised Murder Mysteries The actors improvise the dialogue from a "narrative arc" the plot! These tend to be less serious and more suitable for boisterous audiences! Costumed Murder Mystery Events The actors and audience behave as if brought together for a special event.

The event has a theme generally an era or genre. The cast and audience dress appropriately for the theme. The cast perform a murder mystery. Murder Mystery Events without a costumed theme The actors and audience behave as if brought together for a special event. The theme of the event does not require any special costume.

Mysteries for an Audience Generally, a company of actors perform to an audience. Mysteries for a Private Party Mysteries for private parties where some or all of the guests take the roles.

The party guests try to work-out whodunnit. Lazy Bee Scripts Home Page.By Nathan Hartswick. This hilarious murder mystery comedy is easy to produce and perfect for either a stage production or dinner theatre. Rosemary Saint-John is a loud, annoying hypochondriac convinced she is allergic to water. Celebrating her birthday at a restaurant with her four kooky sisters—a hippie, a valley girl, a trucker and a banker—Rosemary makes enemies with everyone around her.

When she disappears and is presumed murdered, the only objective witnesses in the restaurant are the audience members, who must cast their vote. The self-taught detective? The passionate French chef? The sarcastic waiter? No one is above suspicion in this delightful dinner theatre murder mystery! Read more Immensely popular with audiences, this play is appropriate for young performers, while older actors will enjoy improvised audience interaction.

Join the conversation! Other products you might be interested in: Spontaneous Performance Over improvisational exercises and theatre games are offered to develop creative abilities and acting skills.

Many different types of improvs are presented, ranging from serious to hilarious. Electronic Script Information. This option requires the purchase of a sufficient number of distribution rights for your entire cast. As with all production orders, you must order a minimum of one script per cast member.

Comedy Murder Mysteries

Only scripts can be emailed. All script prices are the same, whether paper, digital, or photocopied. There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on e-scripts or distribution rights.

short mystery scripts

Prepayment required. Get It Now! Immediate Downloads.Here you can find our selection of. It's springtime and the farmyard is filled with baby animals who are all terribly confused as to what type of animals they are. The children love dressing up as the different animals and performing this play. The language and roles of this play have been specially written for emergent readers. This minute play script is also suitable for ESL learners. This is no ordinary granny - Never underestimate your grandparents!

A big bad wolf meets Little Red Riding Hood in the forest on her way to visit her sick granny. Wolfie plans to devour Granny for lunch, but he really should listen to the woodland creatures who are trying to warn him. Amusing educational plays for children. Short easy play with a moral. Short play script with a moral theme. Short play script for kids for Chinese New Year. Informative and funny 20 minutes play for kids aged Mahatma Gandhi - read more about the script.

George, Alfred the Talking Camel and the Dragon. How not to get a girfriend. Romantic parody with the theme of new beginnings and listening to the advice of elders.

Also suitable for personal and social education. Bollywood script. Theseus and the Minitaur - this is not a spelling mistake Several award winning performances worldwide! Readers theater. US History. Some original shakespearian language is used, but in a manner that is accessible to all.

Short funny scripts for teens years.

Murder Mystery Dinner Games

Reading and performing an amusing and informative play makes learning History a lot more interesting.These are our current thrilling scripts. You may also be interested to read the Seven Elements of a Good Story. Our formats range from pantomime style fun to challenging real world scenarios, and we will help you to choose the right one for your group. We are also building a library of murder mystery cluesso if you are an aspiring writer please take a look. Sparks fly at the reading of Lord Crump's will.

A gambling heir in debt, an alcoholic spouse and a jealous uncle fuel murderous events. A shock inheritance is followed by a murder in the explosive opening scene. Click here for more Rod Ducer's latest movie blockbuster hits the town and it's party time. All does not run smoothly though, as Italian backer Herbie Ravioli comes to blows with script writer Dick Shinnery and leading lady Trisha Trove confronts starlet Vicki Vicious about an affair Spies gather in a top secret location for the prestigious 'Spy of the Year' award ceremony, including WD40 - a Russian on a 'friendly' visit.

Many spies are vying for this award, and winning gives them a chance to take on the best missions in the year ahead. A special Christmas murder mystery adventure!

short mystery scripts

What could possibly go wrong at the Camberwick Toys annual Christmas party? Power struggles, jealousy and greed. A double room booking, an unhappy customer and a group of opinionated holiday company reps bring mayhem to your evening. This volatile combination builds tension as an unexpected death occurs We occasionally retire scripts so if you are looking for a story that is not listed on the right you may find it in our ' previous scripts ' section.

Get in Touch Home : Scripts. Powered by Intergage.These games are good for guests, so you should be able to find a great game no matter what the size of your party. Each game includes character descriptions and scripts so your guests will be ready to get into the game. Some of the free games also include free invitations, name tags, props, and more. Here are some other spooky party games for adultssilly adult party gamesand escape room party ideas that you may want to incorporate into your murder mystery party.

This free kit includes a master plot spreadsheet as well as a list of characters. Each guest has it's very own printable party invitation as well as instructions.

Props including a sign and birth certificate are also included for free. In-depth profiles are included for each character. You'll need to subscribe to their free newsletter for the complete package. The free PDF file includes an introduction, instructions, party guidebook, character sheets, clue cards, and voting sheets. Up to 15 people can play this one. There are enough cards for up to 15 players.

Mafia Party Game : A fun detective style murder mystery game that's for players. You'll have to guess who the murder was, the motive, and the details of the killer. This murder mystery game can be played by yourself or with a whole group of friends gathered around the TV. The Murder Mystery : This is a casino themed murder mystery party game that includes character profiles and clues.

Sample emails and invitation wording is included as well. The Business of Murder : This murder mystery game has everything you need to throw a very detailed murder mystery. Clues and invitations are all included in one convenient download. This game is for players.Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? All Categories. Grade Level. Resource Type.

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See All Resource Types. It was created for use in mystery book clubs, but is also perfectly suitable to independent or paired reading study of mystery texts. The unit is a perfect compliment to the series of mini-lessons that form the Rea. English Language ArtsReadingWriting. Add to cart. Wish List. English Language ArtsReadingDrama. ActivitiesPrintablesScripts.

Murder Mystery Script. Original play, created with 8 crazy characters. Names and genders can be changed to fit casting. Creates an approximately 45 minute production with minimal set and costume needs. Royalty Free, single purchase allows for production and unlimited photocopying of script. Attribute Mr. Corey Makolos. Creative WritingDramaHalloween.

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